Silver and Black

More details behind Timmy’s upcoming appearance in The Punisher. It just keeps getting better:

Basically [Tim] and the guys at his BlackJack Speed Shop, along with the guys at the comic store Heroes and Fantasies, got together to put forth the idea of custom making a car that the Punisher might drive, kind of like the Batmobile is for Batman, but more gritty and realistic. The Punisher, whose real name is Frank Castle, is a grizzled, old-school vigilante dispensing justice, and while sometimes he has to remain incognito while staking out bad guys, when it comes to the actual “punishment” so to speak, he likes to make a big show to instill fear in his targets. Hence the big skull on his chest, and now his car.

Tim Duncan will appear in Punisher comic book:

Hit ‘em with the crossover!

The series of fakes alone is a work of art, but it’s ridiculous how high off the glass he throws the reverse layup. Incredible touch.

Pretty sure he stepped out here, but Motiejunas did hit him with a little hip check. Regardless, nice move by Bobo.

They’re not exactly in high-def, but some very nice Bobo plays from the Bronze medal game coming…

Live play to be followed by replay when available.