Silver and Black
Aron Baynes re-signs with Spurs

Banger is back. That means the Spurs will return their entire 2014 roster to defend their title + rookie Kyle Anderson.


Kawhi Leonard laughs more in 9 minutes than he might all season

Haha of course Kawhi wasn’t fazed at all by playing with mega hands.


Tim Duncan joins The Hardline 9 24 2014

- Timmy said Danny Ferry is not a racist.

- He said he’s not sure what he’s gonna do once he retires. Probably "Working in my shop, hanging out, playing with my cars."

- He was asked whether it’s more special to be considered Top 5 candidate, or be on The Punisher cover. Guess what he chose?

- He picked The Admiral as the best Spur of all time.

and more =))

Great interview with former Spur Antonio Daniels and Ari Temkin of 1250 ESPN San Antonio. Timmy shows some of his personality, also mentions he may eventually want to have a hand back in basketball.

If You’re Interested in the Tim Duncan Punisher Comic Book:

You can Pre-Order Here. Ships to US, Canada and UK.

Spur on Spur crime.

Lawd, Tigao, get out of Bobo’s way! Thankfully they’ll be back on the same side soon…

More details behind Timmy’s upcoming appearance in The Punisher. It just keeps getting better:

Basically [Tim] and the guys at his BlackJack Speed Shop, along with the guys at the comic store Heroes and Fantasies, got together to put forth the idea of custom making a car that the Punisher might drive, kind of like the Batmobile is for Batman, but more gritty and realistic. The Punisher, whose real name is Frank Castle, is a grizzled, old-school vigilante dispensing justice, and while sometimes he has to remain incognito while staking out bad guys, when it comes to the actual “punishment” so to speak, he likes to make a big show to instill fear in his targets. Hence the big skull on his chest, and now his car.

Tim Duncan will appear in Punisher comic book: